InfrastructureFor Public Works and Infrastructure

We provide various products, such as high-pressure hoses, rubber vibration insulators and resin and metallic parts for construction equipment, such as hydraulic shovels. We also provide rubber vibration insulators to reduce vibrations of railcars and interior finishing materials for the railway industry.

Examples of Handled Products

For Construction Industry

    • High-pressure hoses
    • Transfer hoses
    • Fuel hoses
    • Teflon tubes
    • Large resin molded parts
      (Injection molding, reaction injection molding, FRP molding and blow molding)
    • Rubber vibration insulators
    • Clamps, etc.

For Railway Industry

    • Rubber vibration insulators
      (for axis beams, axis springs and linkages with a double isolator)
    • Floor materials
    • Reaction injection molded parts
    • O-rings