DivisionIntroduction to Divisions

Automobile Sales Division

This division sells rubber and resin parts to automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers. With the recent environmental regulations, requirements for the automobile industry such as downsizing, weight reduction, motorization, and automatic operation technology have been changed rapidly. All employees mainly at the headquarters and Kumagai Office make company-wide efforts to take the lead in the technologies and work together toward our goals.

In addition to sales expansion of our main products (rubber vibration isolators, various hoses, and waterproof sealing materials), we will focus on sales activities to open up new markets.  

Industrial Sales Division

This division mainly handles rubber and resin parts for construction equipment. In addition to the construction industry, this division provides a wide selection of products to various industries, such as the railway, housing and aerospace industries.
Although the main products of this division are the rubber and resin products, they handle and provide various parts and modules other than the rubber and resin product for our customers in various industries. In association with the sale of these products, this division offers various services, including manufacturing, processing and delivery, to suit your needs. Recently, products that this division imports from abroad are adopted in various industries.

Construction Material Sales Division

This division provides interior finishing materials and works, such as renovation of office flooring, patches in patchwork carpet, floor coating and wallpaper, to major general constructors. More specifically, they promote sales of these products, discuss specifications, make suggestions in selecting products, discuss construction plans and work schedules, check the interior finishing work start date specified in the work schedule, arrange and prepare workmen and materials, prepare construction plans and green files (documents relating to labor, safety and health), and control work processes. This division handles high-grade rugs (and carpets). The carpets this division delivered are used for many famous buildings that are often reported on TV.

Information Device Sales Division

This division mainly handles rubber and resin parts used for office equipment, communication equipment, decorative materials, public works and infrastructure. Our staff members who have professional knowledge of rubber and resin molding and metalworking and specialized manufacturers suggest optimal products to your needs. In addition to high-quality parts for communications and peripheral equipment, such as optical communication equipment, the division provides incidental works. As for FRP products, the division provides various FRP parts that suit your production requirements in cooperation with specialized manufacturers that have cutting-edge technologies.

Special Sales Division

This division sells and handles “SR SoftVision (a body pressure distribution measuring instrument) manufactured by Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd. to medical, health and nursing care industries as a general agent. Since the spring of 2016, they have also sold “Sinnosuke-kun (artificial respiration training dummy) to which Smart Rubber (SR) technology is applied. (Artificial respiration is an important process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.) The demands of fire departments, educational institutes such as medical colleges and nursing schools, and specified emergency hospitals for the “Sinnosuke-kun” are expected.

Chubu District Sales Division

This division takes charge of the Chubu and Chugoku districts. They develop and provide various products for various industries, such as precision waterproof rubber parts and sealing materials for automobile wire harness connectors, rubber vibration isolators, rubber bushings, two-color resin parts, blow-injection-molded parts, resin injection-molded parts for automobiles, high-pressure hoses, rubber vibration isolators, large resin injection-molded parts for construction and agricultural equipment, laminated rubber parts for magnetic levitation trains and railway bridges, and shock-absorbing rubber parts for the entertainment industry.

SD Development Center

This division develops micro-processing products for the biotechnology and medical industries, such as microfluid chips used for analyses and diagnoses. More specifically, they develop and make micro-processing preproduction products made from polydimethylsiloxane gel (PDMS) for development divisions of companies and research institutes of universities. (The PDSM microchips can be mass-produced utilizing injection molding techniques). Shizuoka Technical Development Office has a cleanroom and equipment specialized in secondary processing of the PDMS products (such as a precision pressing machine and connection machine).

Logistics Business Head Office

As a transportation company that uses public roads, we must ensure safety and security of transportation and be trusted by customers and societies. This division has obtained the certificate (G-mark) of Company’s Safety Evaluation and Certification System prescribed by National Cargo Optimization Promotion Agency as an excellent company. The evaluation criteria of the system are “compliance with the safety laws and regulations”, “status of car accidents and violation of traffic regulations”, and “active measures to ensure safety”. Use of the G-mark is allowed for a company that meets the criteria. All of our logistics sites have obtained the G-mark.