Company Profile

Message from President

Yoshie Kibe

Yoshie Kibe
Representative Director and President

Our corporate ideal is a “development-oriented trading company”. The definition of “development-oriented trading company” is “to develop and provide various information, products and services by taking part in development and utilizing our global networks and original technologies.

Since our foundation in May 1947, we have grown by providing a wide range of products for a variety of industries, such as the railway, automobile, office equipment, telecommunications and construction industries. Recently, we expand our businesses globally by operating factories in Japan, China and Indonesia as a trading company that can manufacture products.

As Fukoku Bussan is a developer and a trading company, we are supported by customers and suppliers. One of our corporate goals is “to be a company trusted by customers”. We make efforts to establish a better partnership with you and give first priority to our customers.

Company Philosophy

Company Philosophy

Management Policy

Management Policy

  • To be a trustworthy company
  • To establish comprehensive management systems
  • To make progress every day

Our Ideals

We aim at coexistence with the environment and societies and further growth by making the most of our employees’
abilities and operating global businesses in cooperation with suppliers under a customer-first policy.

Ideal Corporate Culture

①Organization to yield the highest level of customer satisfaction under a customer-first policy (field-oriented policy)
  ②Organization to heighten creativity and encourage aiming at high targets (highly motivated organization)
  ③Organization that is full of cheerfulness and energy and has a good atmosphere (good communication)

Company Profile

Corporate Name Fukoku Bussan Co., Ltd.
Directors and Auditors
Representative Director and PresidentYoshie Kibe
Representative director and executive chairman of Fukoku Logistics Co., Ltd. /Representative director and president of Fukoku Trading Company Co., Ltd. (additional post)
Person responsible for New Business Administration Dept.
Executive directorTakahiro Ishikawa
Global Business Head Office Manager
Person responsible for Industrial Machinery Sales Division Department
Executive directorAkihiro Shibahara
Development Sales Head Office Manager
Person responsible for Automobile Sales Division Section 1・Section 2・business Section、
Nagoya Branch、Seal sales Administration Dept. 、Engineering Division
DirectorKoji Takahashi
Person responsible for Logistics Business Head Office
President of Fukoku Logistics Co., Ltd. (additional post)
DirectorKatsutomo Shimizu
Administration Head Office Manager
Business Planning Division Manager、Accounting Division Manager、Director of Fukoku Trading Company Co., Ltd.. 、
Director of Fukoku Logistics Co., Ltd. (additional post)
Outside directorTatsuo Kawasaki
AuditorMikio Yamazaki
AuditorMasatoshi Ishikawa
Senior Executive OfficerJiro Yawatari
Development Sales Head Office Assistant Manager、Quality control manager
Person responsible for nformation Device Sales Department、Construction Material Sales Office、Quality Assurance Division
and Management System Office
Senior Executive OfficerAkihiko Kitabayashi
Logistics Business Head Office Manager、Person responsible for Automobile Sales Division Shizuoka Factory
Director of Fukoku Logistics Co., Ltd. (additional post)
Executive OfficerHiroyuki Furukawa
Development Sales Head Office Assistant Manager
Functional Products Sales Division Manager
Executive OfficerShuichi Kudo
Strategic Planning Office Manager of Global Business Head Office
President of Fukoku Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (additional post)
Executive OfficerSoutaro Yamaguchi
Strategic Planning Office Manager of Global Business Head Office
General Manager of Fukoku (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. And Manager of Fukoku-Maruyoshi(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (additional post)
Capital 324 million yen
Total Transaction 34 billion 400 million yen (*as of May 2023)
Foundation May 1947
Address of Head Office Fukoku Bussan Building, 2-32-7 Omorinishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-8531, Japan

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TEL +81-3-3765-3211 (main phone number)
FAX +81-3-3765-3208
Number of Employees Japan158
Total168 (Fukoku Bussan Group: 483) * As of June, 2023
Our Banks Hibiya Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Omori Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Omori Branch, Resona Bank, Ltd.
Omori Branch, MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Main Customers Asahi Kasei Homes Corporation、Canon Inc.、CANON ELECTRONICS INC.、Central Japan Railway Company、East Japan Railway Company、FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.、FUJITSU ISOTEC LIMITED、Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.、Hitachi Astemo, Ltd.、Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.、Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co., Ltd.、Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.、Honda Access Corporation、IHI AEROSPACE Co.,Ltd. 、Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited、Japan Transport Engineering Company、Johnson Controls, K.K.、KOWA KASEI CO., LTD.、Kubota Corporation、KYB Corporation、Marelli Corporation、MISAWA HOMES CO., LTD.、NEC Platforms, Ltd.、NISSAN TRADING CO., LTD.、Panasonic Corporation、SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION、SHIMIZU CORPORATION、SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO.,LTD.、Subaru Corporation、Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.、TAISEI CORPORATION、TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD.、TOSHIBA CORPORATION、Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation、Tyco Electronics Japan G.K.、UD Trucks Corporation、USUI CO., LTD.、YAMADA HOMES Co.,LTD.、Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd.、Yorozu Corporation、Other important industries <In alphabetical order>

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