What is a development-oriented trading company?

Development-oriented trading company:

At Fukoku Bussan, we propose not only product design, but also unique original products from the new-product conception phase, and then use the technologies, facilities, and research units of our factory and domestic and international partner suppliers to achieve high-value-added manufacturing. We also use our distribution network to ensure the timely delivery of product.

Flow from development to delivery:

Flow from development to delivery

As development-focused traders, we at Fukoku Bussan do not limit ourselves to simply selling finished products; the company’s engagement with clients starts at the product planning stage. Our trusted expertise in proposal development is complemented by comprehensive support from the pre-concept stage to product delivery, including selection of trial manufacture methods/materials and, of course, trial manufacture itself.

Development stage

  • 01Concept development

    The concept development stage involves formulating a solid understanding of the project requirements (method of application, shape, size, performance, quantity, place of delivery, lead time, target cost, etc.) prior to the provision of a specification drawing by the client.

  • 02Specification review

    Based on the client’s preferences, internal discussions are held on materials, shape, manufacture method, cost and place of production in consideration of our own technology and that of our partners.

  • 03Specification proposal

    We propose specifications based on the project requirements (materials, shape, manufacture method, cost, place of production, unitization) for review by the client.

Trial manufacture

  • 04Drawing release (trial manufacture)

    The client releases a prototype drawing based on our proposal.

  • 05Trial manufacture

    Based on the client’s prototype drawing, we manufacture and deliver a prototype.
    Together with the client, we assess the prototype and discuss any issues identified.

Mass production stage

  • 06Drawing release (mass production)

    The client releases a mass production drawing based on the prototype assessment results.

  • 07Mass production

    We produce a metal mold based on the client’s mass production drawing. Once the client indicates approval, we start mass production.

  • 08Delivery

    We deliver the products in line with the client’s requests regarding quantity and deadline.