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OA・通 信・電子産業への精密樹脂インジェクション部品を供給しています。

We provide precision resin injection-molded products for the office automation, telecommunications, and electronics industries.

We can supply items formed in large sizes ranging from 800 tons through 1,300 tons of clamp capacity.

This is a construction method in which metal is inserted into a mold and is integrated with resin. We have metal mold technology that is excellent for insert molding.
2色のプラスチック素材を組み合わせた一体成形品です。多彩 なカラーバリエーションと優れた耐久性・耐摩耗性・デザイン性で、パソコン・コピー等OA機器のキートップや家電製品に広く生かされています。

These are integral molded products that combine plastic materials of two colors. With their rich color variation, durability, wear resistance, and design, they are widely used for keytops in such office equipment as computers and copiers, as well as for household products.
This thermosetting resin molding material is attracting much attention as a metal substitute for automobile parts, which is a demand of the age. It meets the need for higher performance.
ダクト・ウオッシャータンク・スポイラー等の自動車部品をはじめ、容器、ケース、飲料自販機の商品見本のブロー成形、自動車の工具箱等における高度なダブルブロー成形などについて、設計から量 産まで対応しています。
We are dealing with from designs up to mass production for blow forming of ducts, washer tanks, spoilers and other car parts, that for containers, cases and products samples of beverage vending machines, and the high-level double blow forming in tool boxes and the like of cars.
アクリル・ポリカーボネート・アクリル変性塩ビ・ABSなど熱可塑性樹脂のすべてにわたって、3次元多曲面 の全自動加工により、イメージに合ったハイタッチな製品に仕上げます。

Finishes high-touch products for the right image, through three-dimensional multi-curve fully automatic processing across the whole range of thermoplastic resin, including acrylic, polycarbonate, acryl-modified vinyl chloride, and ABS.
プラスチックの特性を生かした、複雑な断面 形状をもつ軟質・硬質の複合成形より、用途に応じた断面性能を持つ製品の成形が可能です。
By complex forming of soft and hard materials with complicated sectional shapes making use of the characteristics of plastic, we can form products that have sectional performance meeting their uses.
金属部品の防錆・絶縁・装飾等を目的とし、コーティングの厚さは10μ mから2,000μmまでの広範囲な加工が行えます。材料はPVC・6ナイロン、その他を使用します。Processing can be done in a wide range, with a coating thickness from 10 microns to 2,000 microns, for rust prevention, insulation, and decoration of metal products. The materials include PVC, 6 nylon, and others.
四フッ化エチレン樹脂単体からなる多孔質材料で、空気・ガスといった気体は通 しますが液体は通さない画期的製品です。対薬品性に優れ、強い撥水性があります。各種防水膜として威力を発揮します。
This revolutionary product, made from a porous material consisting of simple ethylene tetrafluoride resin, allows air and other gases to flow through, but stops liquids. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and strong water repellence. It exhibits great performance for various types of waterproof films.