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通 信・信号伝送用として従来の銅電線に置き換えられるだけではなく、光の情報で画像や温度差・エネルギーを伝えることができるなど、数々の特長をもっています。また、計測センサー等、技術分野にも利用されています。

This can not only replace copper wires for telecommunications and signal communication but has various other features as well, including the transmission of images, temperature differences, and energy by optical information. It is also used in such fields of technology as measurement sensors.
光ショートリンク用の光ファイバーです。光の通 るコアに純粋な石英を使い、クラッド層を高硬度なフッ化アクリレート樹脂で構成。そのため圧着式フェルールの採用を可能とし、コネクターの現場加工を容易にしました。

These are optic fibers for the use of optic short links. Pure quartz is used in the core part where light travels and clad stratum is composed of highly hard acrylate fluoride resin. By this, crimp method ferrule can be adopted and the processing of connectors on sites has become easy.
高速化・情報量 の増大に伴う光LANおよび公衆通信のデジタル伝送に対応する光リンク。伝送速度・距離・光ファイバーの種類により、各種取り揃えています。光ファイバー同様、信頼性の高い製品です。

These are optic links that are applied to digital transmission of optic LAN and public communication brought by higher speed and the increase of information volume. According to transmission speeds and the kinds of distance and optic fibers, various links are assorted. Likewise with optic fibers, these are products with high reliability.
各種光ファイバー通 信およびCATVに適した長波長帯発光素子・受光素子を揃えています。

We have a full lineup of long-wavelength band light-emitting elements and light-sensing elements suitable for various optical fiber telecommunications and cable television.

Electron ray bridging products such as Sumi tube, Erax tube, AErax tapeand the like have excellent heat resistance and electrical characteristics. These can be selected by their uses for such as insulation protection of electric products like wire harnesses, anti-corrosion of pipes and the like.

Converging lenses collect the light of laser beams and determine the quality when processing is done. The material, shape, and focal length of a lens determine its various properties. Pressure-resistant lenses are used when the assist gas is at high pressure.
自動車・OA機器だけではなく、さまざまな分野でエレクトロニクス化されている構成部品。小型化・軽量 化や高信頼性等、さまざまなニーズに対応する電気配線システムを提供しています。

These are component parts that are computerized not only in automobiles and OA equipment but in other various areas. We are supplying electric wire systems that meet various needs for small sizes and light weight, high reliability and the like.

We manufacture connectors having various functions needed for various applications, including small size and high density, stable waterproof performance, terminal anchoring mechanisms, and locking mechanisms.
柔軟な薄い絶縁フィルムに導体回路を形成したものです。機器の小型・軽量 化や信頼性の向上、配線コストの低減に優れた特長を発揮します。

Here a conductive circuit is formed on a thin, flexible insulating film. This helps to make equipment smaller, lighter, and more reliable, while reducing the cost of the wiring.

Colgate tubes are widely used to protect various kinds of wire harnesses.