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In the management principles of Fukoku Bussan, we define a "development-focused trading company" as providing valuable "information," "Merchandise," and "Service" through a comprehensive, global business network, and original knowhow from the planning and development phase.

Since the founding of the company in May of 1947, we have expanded by providing a variety of merchandise in a wide range of industrial fields such as railroad, automobile, OA equipment, communications, and construction. In recent years, as a trading company also involved in manufacturing, we have aggressively promoted globalization by bringing new factories on line in Japan, China and Indonesia. One of the main sources of our company's growth has been the spirit and attitude of "development." We believe that by maintaining this spirit in our clients and suppliers. While being development focused, Fukoku Bussan is a trading company and exists with the support of our important clients and suppliers. One of our management principles is "a company trusted by the business partners." We want to continue to build a good partnership with customers and be kind of business that always puts our customers first.